Rest between fields and stream

La Barbotière is an old farm located in Chevannes near the city of Auxerre. Located on the edge of the village on the road to Serein, it has a direct view on the neighboring fields. For a long time a family home, it remains known in the region for having sheltered since the years 90 a famous restaurant, "La Chamaille". Become our residence, we welcome our visitors in guest rooms we have just finished restoring. Located in a garden with many trees, the house is surrounded by a stream and a pond where ducks and geese have their home.

The house

La Barbotière was built at various times. The oldest part is a rectangular tower at the end of the 16th century, which today houses a library located on the ground floor. Then, a Burgundian house was built at the end of the 18th century, which today constitutes our residence. Subsequently, two outbuildings were built around 1850, one allowing us to welcome our visitors via a large common room and the guest rooms. These independent constructions allow us to offer you dedicated access to common areas and to the guest rooms.

The breakfast room

You will have breakfast in the old dining room of the time when La Barbotière was a renowned gastronomic establishment of the region. This space dedicated to our visitors will also allow you to spend good moments around billiards, or simply by the fireplace. Tucked in the middle of the room, a beautiful oak staircase serves the guest rooms located on the first floor.

The library

Located on the ground floor of the old tower of the 16th century, the library will seduce you with its old style underscored by modern colors and lights. At the same time a reading room and a TV room (a 40 inch TV is installed), it is also decorated with an English style stove, which you will greatly appreciate in autumn. Complimentary coffee, tea and infusions are available in the library at all times of day and night. The guest WiFi network is also available in this room.

The stream and the garden

A stream runs around the property, fed by upstream fields. A pond located near the entrance gate is particularly appreciated by our friends the ducks and the geese.